Goat (Adult), Whole - Custom Cut to Order

Goat (Adult), Whole - Custom Cut to Order

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100% Hand Cut Zabiha Halal Whole Goat

- Hand Cut Zabiha Halal

- 100% Vegetarian Fed

- No Animal by-products used

- No Artificial Ingredients

- Minimally Processed

- May Contain Less than 5% retained water

- USDA Inspected

- Available for Pickup Only

Price charged per animal is based on hanging weight which is the weight of a butchered animal after the head, hide, hooves, blood, and innards have been removed. The head, heart, lungs, kidney, and spleen are included. Final weight of the animal is further reduced when it is cut into pieces and any fat excess etc. has been removed.  Price subject to change based on market price.

Please provide cutting instructions when placing your order. Final weight of the animal is based on availability and is kept closest to what is ordered.

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